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Extensive successes leading operations and planning.  Demonstrated ability to think and act decisively under pressure as well as recognize and exploit emerging opportunities.  Recognized leadership and innovation during high-pressure crisis management and budget-constrained operations.  Track record of international and cross-discipline team building and engagement.  Excels in dynamic environments while retaining ability to prioritize and focus.


Partnership Engagement

New Organization / Product Launch

Executive Decision Support


  • Identified training and experience shortfalls among staff and led planning for over 700 personnel into an exercise focused on humanitarian relief missions--established supply requirements, prioritized flow and set shipping requirements—three-star general labeled event as, “Most mature crisis action planning event I’ve seen.”
  • Planned crisis-management operations of 600 Air Force personnel in Haiti following the January 2010 earthquake—orchestrated equipment and personnel movement to fulfill State Department objectives and the on-scene commander’s requirements—prioritized and directed 4,000 flights and 18,000 tons of relief supplies delivered without accident

Risk Mitigation

Crisis Management

Prioritized Restructuring


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