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Extensive successes leading operations and planning.  Demonstrated ability to think and act decisively under pressure as well as recognize and exploit emerging opportunities.  Recognized leadership and innovation during high-pressure crisis management and budget-constrained operations.  Track record of international and cross-discipline team building and engagement.  Excels in dynamic environments while retaining ability to prioritize and focus.

Risk Mitigation

Partnership Engagement

New Organization / Product Launch

Executive Decision Support


Risk Mitigation

  • Directed planning team for Air Force’s largest combat exercise—integrated requirements for 19 types of aircraft from four countries—maximized asset availability and utilization to safely raise production 11% to record 2,100 training and live-fire flights without accident
  • Partnered with the US Navy to transform theater rules, requirements, flight routing, and communications procedures to integrate aircraft carrier flight operations into Afghanistan—dramatically cut response times to ground crisis and ended safety risks associated with reliance on Afghani airfields

Crisis Management

Prioritized Restructuring


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